Tutuapp apk download for android iOS Pokemon go hack

Tutuapp apk download for android iOS: What is tutu app ? the question arises in mind of every users. If you are searching tutu app apk download for android iOS platforms, then you are at the right place. Read the whole post carefully to know about tutu app apk installation process.

On google play store, some of the applications are the paid. You need to pay money to take benefit of that apps. What happen if you will able to install this paid apps at free of cost, Isn’t it great. Yes, you can install paid apps at free of cost from android and iOS play store. Tutuapp allows you to install paid apps on your android/iOS smartphone. You have to just download the tutuapp apk. In this article you will learn how to download and install tutuapp apk on android and iOS smartphones.

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There are many applications which allows you to install paid apps for free. Be it any apps the tutu app creates magic. Do you know what is an apk file? apk file is the extension of file which supports android platform. There are many apps like tutu app but no one will give you best service like this app.  The other name of tutuapp is the bunny assistant. Now lets start on how to download and install tutu app apk on android and iOS smartphones. The com surrogate stopped error occurs when browsing photos from iOS.


Download Tutuapp Apk On Android

Tutuapp apk is not officially available on android google play store. You have to download the tutu app apk file from unknown sources. First make sure that you have made setting on android device. Your android device will be able to install the applications from unknown sources. You can make the following setting on your android smartphone to install tutuapp apk from unknown sources.

  • Open settings from your android device menu.
  • Scroll down and choose security option.
  • Tap on unknown sources and enable it. By this way you can install tutu app apk without any warning. This settings will install apk files from unknown source

Download Link

  • Download the tutuapp apk file from the above link and tap on the file. If you are downloading tutu app on your pc/laptop. Then simply download the file from here. Connect your mobile to pc via data sharing cable. Transfer the file from pc to mobile. Locate the file on your android. Open the file and follow the above procedure.
  • Now the installation pop up will come on your android device.
  • It will take some time to install tutu app apk for android. The tutu app will automatically installed on android device without any trouble.
  • Congrats, you have successfully installed tutuapp on android.tutuapp for android
  • Now install all the paid apps at free of cost.

The complete official website of tutu app which is in chinese language thats why i have written this guide for you.

This is the step by step  simple and easy procedure on how to install and download paid apps at free of cost using tutu app.

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Step By Step Guide On Install Tutuapp For iOS –

To install tutuapp, you need an iOS version 9.4/9.3/9.2/9.1. On this version you can run tutu app without any error. By running tutu app you can download any paid app at free of cost on iOS. The official website of tutuapp is in chinese language so i have writen both android and iOS guides for you. This will help you to install app without any error.

Follow the instructions step by step to install tutuapp on iOS:

  • I will recommend you to use safari browser instead of some third party web browsers. If you use third party web browsers they will break the installation file and stops the installation process.
  • Use the safari browser to install the tutuapp on ios without any errors. If you face any error while downloading the app then simply clear the history, cache and again download the app.
  • Launch the safari browser and type the url (http://tutuapp.com). Now you have to select the middle option which are in green colortutu-app-download-ios
  • After hitting the green tab, the next popup will come.tutuapp for ios
  • Now tap on that green button and then it will ask your permission to install tutu app on iOS. Now you have downloaded the tutuapp. Now you have to make setting on iOS smartphone regarding install apps from unknown sources like we have done for android.
  • Go in settings>> general settings>> profiles and select tutuapp apk. Thats it, you have successfully installed tutuapp for iOS.
  • Now time to install paid iOS apps at free of cost.

So, in this way we have posted guide on both android and iOS. In the next post we will write guide on how to install tutu on pc.

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Let see some amazing features of the tutu app :

  • Tutuapp has designed special versin for jail broken devices. You can see on the official blog tutuapp.com
  • Tutuapp allows you to install paid apps for free. Be it android device or iOS device.
  • You can also transfer data between android and iOS with the help of tutuapp cattle technology.
  • Tutuapp also provides its cleaning service. The unwanted files from your device will be removed with the help of this feature.
  • Others features of the tutu app are it allows you to manage battery performance,contacts and much more.

Check more info about tutuapp here.

I am guessing that by reading the amazing features of the tutuapp, you are very excited to install and take benefit from that app. Now this is the bonus point on how you can play pokemon  go without leaving home. We have tweak to play pokemon go at home.

Here is the tweak to install pokemon go anywhere with the help of the tutuapp.

  • First open the safari browser. Enter the url tutuapp.com. Do not open link from third party web browsers they will break the installation.
  • Now you can see the pokemon go icon there. Simply tap the icon


  • It will ask for the installation,tap on yes. Now you have successfully install pokemon go anywhere app on iOS.
  • Keep in mind these is the tweak they can ban your pokemon go account.

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So, here is the end of the article on how to install tutu app on android/iOS and how to play pokemon go at home. If you like this article kindly share with your friends.


  1. Nice article. I have successfully downloaded tutu app apk and installed premium apps for free.
    Thanks lot ☺☺☺

  2. A good chance of getting original tutu app version 1.2.05 . Thanks to link developer.☺☺☺

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