(Working) How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

Everyone knows the term computer virus. When the two devices are exchanging the data, then the chances of virus infections are increasing. There are many types of viruses, malwares, trojans. Shortcut virus. Today we will talk about how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive PC. Every one of us has experienced the shortcut virus at least once in life.91aa81bf907abab992a495c605b4c187_400x400

Shortcut virus is the malware that hides our data in the forms of shortcuts. This virus doesn’t remove by antivirus programs. Initially, it does not harm our files, but when the infection increases, it will harm our files. How this shortcut virus affects our data. When we exchange the data from our friends computers. Friends computers already affected by this shortcut virus. When we copy the data from our friends’ computers, then shortcut virus creates shortcuts of our data. The important thing is that this virus cannot be removed by antivirus programs. So, today i am going to write article on how we can deal with these viruses and how we can remove shortcut virus from pendrive.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive Using Command Prompt

  • First open the command prompt in Administrator mode. You can select administrator mode by right click on command prompt as Run as Administrator.
  • After opening the command prompt, connect your affected pendrive to the computer. Now, you have to enter the command to convert your shortcut files into its original data.
  • Enter the command – attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.* In this command D is your pendrive name. For ex if your drive letter is H then command will be attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:\*.* remove shortcut virus using cmd
  • After entering the command your shortcut files from drive will be converted to normal files. Now, delete unknown files from your drive when the command process is complete.
  • Command description is that attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.*
  • S stands for system file -s means removing the system files attribute from these files, h means removing hidden file attributes and /s/d means simply do for each folder or sub folder.
  • After removing the shortcut virus from pendrive copy your important data to a computer and format the pendrive.

Remove Shortcut Virus Using Softwares

  • On the internet, there are many free softwares are available to remove the shortcut viruses. The software are likes USB Fix, Shortcut virus remover, Shortcut virus fixer.
  • USB fix is the free malware detect and remove shortcut virus from PC, pendrive.  Download the USB fix software from the web. Just enter the USB fix query on google and download the software. USB fix is the free and popular software. It is one of the most trusted software on the web with 5 million downloads. The size of software is too small 4 MB.
  • Install the USB fix software on your computer. Before opening the software connect your affected external devices or pendives. Open the USB fix software .how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive
  • After that click on deletion. Then the process of removing shortcut virus will start. Then restart your PC. Cheers you have successfully removed the virus.
  • There are many other softwares are available on the web to remove the shortcut virus from pendrive.

Some Tips To Prevent Shortcut Virus Infection how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive

  • Use good antivirus like net protector, quick heal. Use anti malware softwares to prevent shortcut viruses.
  • While exchanging data with friends, computer checks that your friend has already installed antivirus program on the computer. If not, then try to avoid the exchange of the data.
  • In this way we have learned how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive. If you think this post is a helpful hit share button.

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