Best iOS 9 Cydia Tweaks of 2017 That You Should Not Miss

Hello friends, in this article we will be discussing about the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9.3.3. I hope you all are familiar with the term “Jailbreaking”. The best jailbreaking tweaks which are not officially available at Apple App Store. It is always a great idea to use jailbreaking tweaks.

If you are interested to install such amazing jailbreak tweaks on your jailbroken iOS devices, this article shares wonderful collection of iOS 9 Cydia tweaks that can be used for iOS 9 through iOS 9.3.3.One can easily jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 and turn back to iOS 9.2 easily. This article will share the method of Jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 and the same can be used to enjoy wonderful apps on your iOS devices.

Why Jail breaking is needed?

The sole purpose of jail breaking is to elongate the features of a iOS device and to eliminate the restrictions set by Apple Incorporation. This can be achieved by using tweaks.Jail braking is done to install best jailbreaking tweaks.Cydia helps with the software programs and there is no need to follow App store guidelines.All you need to do is that firstly install these programs which includes customization of the interface and similar tweaks are developed by designers. It makes the development easy and also allows to access the file system , command line tools and helps in bug fixation.



Below are the list of few Best Jailbreak Tweaks


1.Activator :Activator allows users to add gesture shortcuts to the operating system. By using activator the user can choose between the hot areas like the ares where gestures can be drawn , different types of action to be preformed, excluding specific apps and many similar features.


2.Apex : If you are few up with your old cluttered screen. Apex can help you in this case. This amazing Cydia tweaks will allow user to club together the applications coming under similar category, like all apps of Facebook will be grouped together. All these grouped apps can be used together easily by clicking on the main app icon.


3.Auxo 3 : Undoubdetly Auxo 3 is one of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS device users. This amalgamate the App Switcher and control centre interfaces into a single form. There is also a catchy shortcut called ‘kill all apps’. It appears during multitasking screen.


4.Barrel: This allows user to include animated icons onto your home screen. It is expected that the database will increase with time as of now list is small and limited.


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5.CallBar : It is very important in the list of best jailbreak tweaks. It will replace the the full screen caller ID will a sober slide bar, merging from the top of the screen. It will include all the details and call options.


6.Callisto :Many users are not comfortable with the passcode. All don’t have sufficient time to change password on regular basis. It can be solved automatically changing the passcode as per the time. The user can fix a specific passcodes as per time within the app. It is perfect for the device which don’t have option of touch ID.


7.Eclipse : Apple provides a feature name Time Shift but it doesnot all problem of eye straining. The white light never gets sorted down to a acceptable level. A minimal staring on eyes can be established by installing Eclipse..


8.iFile : You can simply install iFile and can access all the inbuilt storage on Apple device. By this one can easily access, view, copy, edit, paste and can access all such similar activities. It also provides with inbuilt folder and file analyzer features.


9.PowerTap :This allows user to customize the ‘Slide to Power Off’ slider as per your choice. This helps in changing the action. Few options are to slide to reboot or slide to re-spring, but anytime you can customize as per your choice.


10.Fingal :This allows the users to add animated icons to their individual home screen and you can also edit the same.Always it is updated with a new theme.




This is great for all photo lovers. It provides 3D Touching its Home screen icon. It allows user to take control over the things appearing in the menu. User can modify many features by using 3D touch features.



It allows fast keyboard shortcuts. Molars will allow all the keyboards shortcuts to get connected with Bluetooth keyboard and you can easily use with iOS.




It prevents deleting accidently swiping of messages. It allows a popup confirmation dialog box which want you to reconsider your decision.



This helps to tell you the exact size of the app. By which you can check the size of any file

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