Fly Gps Apk Pokemon Go | Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (Fake Gps)

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Fly Gps Apk Pokemon Go : Play pokemon game at home without moving anywhere.

In gaming industry, the pokemon go game become popular in a year. Now a days gamers are playing pokemon go game day and night. The pokemon go game is based on location. To catch the pokemon you need to travel outside of your home. This pokemon go game wants to walk on streets and catch the pokemon, that they are on various locations. Some users wants to play pokemon go game at home means without moving anywhere, Is it possible ? yes, with the help of fly gps pokemon go hack apk. You can play pokemon game without moving anywhere at home using fly gps fake apk app.

In this article, i will explain how to download and install fly gps apk to play pokemon game without moving anywhere. If your android device is not rooted then don’t worry this fly gps app supports for non rooted device. With the help of this app you can play pokemon go game at home or in car, class. You don’t need to move anywhere. You just need to download the apk file of gps fly pokemon go location changer app. Read the article carefully to play pokemon go at home using fly gps app. When the pokemon go game become popular, there are many pokemon go hacks are come in the market. This game just change the thinking of the users. Pokemon go game is real time game like clash of clans. Install airshou screen recorder app for ios. It will be very helpful for recording screen.

First of all this method does not require any rooted devices. Their is no need of rooted device, if you have rooted device then no problem. This will works better on both the devices. Lets start out tutorial on fly gps apk download. Install paid apps for free using tutu app apk.

Requirements :

  1. Non rooted or rooted device.
  2. Pokemon go fly gps apk hack
  3. Download the fly gps apk from here

How To Install Fly Gps Apk File :

First of all make sure that your device supports, install apps from unknown sources. If not then make the settings from setting option. Settings >> Applications >> Unauthorised 

After making this setting on your smartphone, you can download apps from untrusted sources. The apps which are not authorised that apps can be installed after making this setting. I hope you have done this setting on your smartphones.

Now lets talks about how to setup fly gps apk to play games that are based on locations.

Fly Gps Apk : Install And Setup Of Gps Fly Apk Pokemon Go Hack (Non Rooted)

After making this setup on fly gps app apk you can play pokemon go game at home without moving. Make setup now

  • First of all download the fly gps apk i have mentioned above. After downloading the fake gps location apk then install the apk on your smartphone.On that smartphone, where you want to play pokemon go game.
  • Now goto settings >> Developer option. Then locate the ‘Select mock location app‘ and select gps fly app.fly gps
  • fly gps 2
  • After selecting the fly gps option, follow the below steps
  • Open the gps fly app from android menu.Screen-Shot-2016-08-05-at-11.18.27-PM
  • You can see in above screenshot, select the red location and tap on it. Now the popup occur, their are three options. From that you have to seletc gps service run option and tap on it.
  • Now the location popup will occur, you have to enable that option.
  • Then launch the pokemon go game. Select the “Joystick location mode (Pokemon)” . You have successfully apply the fake gps using fly gps apk pokemon go.pokemonNote :¬†Your are using fly gps apk, so their is risk of ban your pokemon go game account. First try on one account then use this trick for other accounts.

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Here i have successfully told you about fly gps apk. If you have any problems regarding fly gps apk app pokemon go hack, then comment your problems below and don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

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