How To Delete/Deactivate Kik Account Permanently

How to delete kik account tutorial :Hello guyz welcome back to the trickyindia. Today our team again come up with another article on how to delete/deactivate kik account permanently. Kik is free messanger application with 150 million users worldwide. The users are using kik application for chatting, sharing pics, videos online with friends and family. Kik messanger app is available for android, iOS, windows devices. Today i am going to share with you some methods that will delete your kik account permanently. Take us look at remove shortcut virus from pendrive.

Kik is messaging application available on google play store at free of cost. Does not need phone number to register a new account on the kik. If you are tired using kik application and want to remove your account from kik messanger then just follow below steps to delete your kik account permanently. Keep in mind permanently deleting kik account from the app can’t done itself. You can deactivate your kik account but when you use same login details while signing in kik account that will reactivate your kik account.Try this methods to deactivate your account from kik.

Kik has millions of users worldwide but problem is that after few days of kik account, users want to install new apps and they think that why we have to waste our phone space.  Many users are complaining about phone space, if you want to free some space then you have to install ccleaner app. Ccleaner app will remove junk files from your phone and free up some space. Thats why many peoples perefer to deleteing deactivating kik account.

So, i have written article on how to delete deactivate kik account easily. After reading this whole article you will be able to remove kik account forever from your pc, smartphone. Take look at the steps i have mentioned below.


How To Delete Kik Account Permanently From Pc

To delete your kik account from pc, you just need to visit thier kik deactivate page to deactivate your kik account. Read and follow all the steps to delete kik account.

  • Visit the kik deactivate page link – Click Here
  • After visiting the above link you can see the small whitebox which is saying deactivate kik account.delete kik account
  • you can see in the above screenshot the whitebox which are saying deactivate your kik account. You have to just put your kik account email id to deactivate the kik account.dlete kik account permanently
  • Just put your kik account email id that you have entered at the kik account registration time.
  • After entering the email id you will receive deactivation process through email.
  • Follow the process and deactivate your kik account.

How To Delete Kik Account Permanently From Mobile

To delete you kik account from phone you just need to follow the below steps.

  • Open the kik messanger application in your mobile phone.
  • Tap on settings and select accounts.
  • Now click on reset kik messanger. Enter the email address that you have used to register account on kik messanger.
  • After that you will receive email regarding deactivating your kik account. Follow thier steps and delete your kik account.

How To Delete Kik Account Notes : 

  • After doing all the steps above, your kik account will be deleted permanently and all your messages ,pics and all other data will be removed. If you do not want to delete kik account then simply forget all the steps, and stay on kik.
  • You can not use same username again , if you have already account.

Watch this video tutorial on how to delete kik , if you are following any problem :



Keep in mind when you are going to remove or delete kik account permanently your conversation data will be lost. So, in this way we have learned how to delete kik account permanently. Both of the processes are same and simple. So here ends the article on how to delete kik account permanently. Still, if you are facing any problems feel free to ask in comment box.

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