How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification (Working)

Google mail is the world’s largest free email service which allows you to send emails. With the help of Gmail account you can access google services youtube, google drive,google maps and much more. I know everyone are familiar with gmail and have more than gmail accounts.Are you trying to create gmail account without phone number verification ? I will teach you few ways.


How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification


How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification ?

  • First thing is that you need android device or bluestacks software installed on your pc. Download bluestacks software on your pc and install it.
  • Open the bluestacks software on your pc.After that go to in bluestacks settings and click on Google to create gmail account.How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification
  • Add a new google account. How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification 1
  • After that enter your details first name,last name,select email username,setup recovery email,enter captcha verification and boom you have created your gmail account successfully.
  • Note that if you not setup recovery email then it will ask for phone number verification in 2-3 days. So i suggest you to add recovery email. Recovery email is used to recover your email account when you lost password.
  • So,here is the easy way to create gmail account without phone number verification.

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Another Way To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification

  • Create gmail account without phone number verfication in easy way.
  • Here is the another easy way to bypass the google mail phone verification. Just think that you are a kid and you are under 15. So google think that you don’t have mobile phone and it will not ask for phone number verification. Check the below image you will get an idea.How to create gmail account without mobile numer
  • First of all clear cookies,data,history of your browser.
  • Open any browser enter the gmail.com address ,click on create new account. Enter your details name, username, password and birth date.Keep in mind you have to set your birth year 1998.
  • Keep the mobile phone place empty, setup recovery email, accepts the terms and conditions.

  • Cheers. you have successfuly create gmail account without phone number verfication.

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Watch this video tutorial –

 Few things you have to keep in mind while creating multiple gmail accounts. Do not create more than 20 Google mail accounts because if google detects then it will block your ip address.When you are creating new account enter the recovery email address. If you not enter the recovery address then in 2-3 days google mail ask for phone number verification.

Note –  If this method not works for you then try to change the country location to india or to other countries. Use VPN to change the country locaions.

In this way,we learn how to create gmail account without phone number verification. If you like this article hit the share button.


  1. Can my brother create his own account using this phone n phone # if I already havea gmail account? Can we sign in n out of our accounts by logging in n out or by switching users somehow ?

    • Yes, you can use multiple accounts in one device. You can choose different browsers.

    • The BlueStacks App Player is designed to enable Android applications to run on Windows PCs and Macintosh computers.
      In short, If you don’t have smart phone, Use your Computer as one.


  2. if i lost phone…can i get back my account….cause i try google authenticator can’t get the code…i need to get my google account back…because i have enable 2step verification method…then my phone was lost…so i can’t retrieve the code..please help me….thank in advance…

    • bro if you have setup recovery email address then you can get back your account.

  3. i have issue.its not working.i crete an acount on gmail adress but its need varification nub? have not.so what can i do

    • Read the post carefully, if its not working then changed your proxy to US. Keep in mind you have to set your birthdate to 1998.
      If the account is created without number then add your other email as recovery email then it will not ask for verification.

      • It doesn’t work. I tried deleting cookies and setting the birthdate to 2002 so I’d be 13. No. It still wanted phone number. I tried 1998 as you said (although that would make me 17 or 18) because I thought it might be a glitch. Neither worked. Are you sure of this? I have tried several times. I can’t download software right now. Anything else? I was using a TOR browser.

  4. blue stack how to work in computer and mobile…?
    how to create gmail in blue stack

  5. I create one account in bluestack but its allso asking a verify ..!!! You have any way to create a gmail without verification..???

    • Login into account and setup recovery email address, then it will not ask for verification.Enjoy

  6. i’ve try using usa proxy / vps neither of this method works, for you who might want to try this i have a method
    if you already have phone number for verification before until it reach its limit, you still can use this number by adding same number like the last number
    example :
    your number is 5545652122 change it to 55456521222
    i use this several time after my phone reach its limits, and ofcourse it has limit to

  7. Thanks for the trick.

    Is possible to change the birthdate to the real one, after successfully create a gmail account?

  8. Work just for create ONE account.
    After that, even with different IP, Google ask all time ohone verification.
    Thanks for my ONE (only :*( ) account !

  9. I have checked this in india. This is working fine. Try the following methods –
    1) Try the vpn
    2) Sometimes it is not working and somwtime working. Better you go with other emails that does not ask verification

    • If your making 100 accs it is possible if you route a android phone. All that this person is saying g is true but reading his post correctly would help you all a lot

  10. I have created a gmail account using method one but without the bluestacks software.And I had an account on the device before but I removed it before creating the new account.I don’t remember if I had cleared data of my browser or not.
    My question is,will my new account have any access to previous one and to the phone number which was in the previous account?I don’t have the same number on the device.

  11. none of these methods work, I tried everything, vpn, clearing data and cookies, age of 14 or less.
    it always asks for a phone number.

  12. Thanks for the trick. That under age didn’t work. But i had a spare android phone without any sim left. Worked like a charm 🙂

  13. Working fine for me just follow instructions correctly us a cc cleaner on your computer change browser instance, be sure not to use chrome. Use say dolphin browser or opera. And every time you make a account through Gmail change everything even reset your home router I’m in the UK and we have dynamic routers so I reset and gives me a new ip from a pool of 1,000s. And also changing say phone I’d Google advertising I’d android ip mac address device imei number etc etc the chap has gave you all the foundations. Not even thank you from most people.

    So thank you for spending the time in writing this out for people and sharing your knowledge with us. I appreciate you time!!!

  14. Oi…I’ve been bored beyond all fucking hell this last year and I think out of boredom I’ve probaly made to much email accounts. Blocking my ip address. Hahaha…I’ll just make an gmail when I move out get a new place.

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