Com Surrogate Has Stopped Working Windows 7/8.1

Com surrogate has stopped working” Are you facing this error on your windows 7/8/8.1 computers. One of my friend also got this error while browsing images and videos from hard drive. The com surrogate has stopped working appear when we are browsing photos or printing documents from the internet. In this article i have shared some solutions to overcome this com surrogate stopped error. The perfect solution of com surrogate error is mentioned here.Com Surrogate Has Stopped Working WIndows 7/8/8.1 Solved

The irritating popup appears “Com surrogate has stopped working” on your windows laptops/computers when doing some work. How to stopped this popup, try this methods to solve this com surrogate error. Check out our article on how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive

Methods To Fix Com Surrogate Has Stopped Working

Method 1 – Solve Com Surrogate Has Stopped Working Error By Data Execution Protection

  • If you are using windows 7 then click on start button. Then right click on my computer and select advance system settings. If you are using windows 8/8.1 then directly right click on computer and select advance system setting.com surrogate has stopped working
  • After hitting the advance system settings button, the new window system properties will be appear.com surrogate error
  • You can see in above screenshot their are three options their performance, user profiles, startup and recovery. Click on the settings of performance. The data execution prevention pop will appear like this.how to fix com surrogate has stopped working popup
  • Now in data execution prevention select turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select. Now click on add and choose dllhost.exe file in System 32. com surrogate has stopped working.dllhost.exe com surrogate
  • Click on open and apply. Cheers, you have done successfully. You have overcome the com surrogate has stopped working error. If the error still persists then try the below methods.

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Method 2 – Solve com surrogate error by using command prompt(com surrogate has stopped working)

If the above method is not worked for you then you can try this cmd commands to solve this error. Follow below steps to solve this error.

  • In your windows, open command prompt in administrator mode. After that you have to just enter this commands in your command prompt.
  • The commands are  regsvr32 vbscript.dll  regsvr32 jscript.dll. This is are the two commands you have to enter in your command prompt.
  • This commands will re-register few dll files with windows and solves the com surrogate has stopped working error.

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Method 3 –  Update Intel And Nvidia Graphics Card (com surrogate has stopped working)

You can solve this error by updating your current intel and nvidia graphics cards. If you have already updated intel and nvidia graphics card then uninstall and install again the graphics card. This method will work for many users.

  • Search for device manager on your windows pc.com surrogate stopped working by device manager
  • You can see display adapter option in device manager. Update your graphics card.

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Method 4 –  Solve Com Surrogate Has Stopped Working Error By Internet Explorer

Guyz, if you are printing documents online and the com surrogate popup appears again and again. Then try this method to solve this error. Follow the method step by step.

  • Open internet explorer, then click on internet options in settings.
  • Then click on advance tab. Com surrogate error in windows 7 8
  • Press restore advanced settings and Reset button with Delete Personal Settings checked.
  • Click on apply and restart your computer.
  • Cheers, you have successfully solved the com surrogate has stopped working error.

So, here is the end of all the solutions, i know this methods will surely stop the com surrogate has stopped working error. I will recommend you to use good antivirus to protect your laptop, computer from viruses and the errors like com surrogate has stopped working.

I hope the above methods are worked for you. If you are still facing any problems with this then feel free to ask in comment box. In this way we learned how to fix com surrogate has stopped working error.

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