Awesome things you can do with Xposed in Android

Customization. Customization is what an Android user looks for when he roots his Android device. Making customizations directly according to your needs is not possible for newbies as there is risk of bricking your phone completely. At such times, customization apps come to the rescue.

There are a hell lot of apps available out there to customize your Android device according to your specific needs. One such customization app is Xposed Framework. Xposed Framework is an app through which you can make system-level changes to your Android operating system without installing a custom ROM. And all you need to use this app is root access on your device.


Getting started with Xposed Framework is pretty easy. You can find Xposed installer in Play Store through Xposed Framework will be downloaded and installed in your Android device. Once Xposed Framework gets installed, you can open it and use the search feature to search, browse and install modules.


Here are a few Xposed modules which you can check out and use to customize your device accordingly.


Remap Hardware Buttons:

As the name says, this module let’s you to remap your device’s hardware buttons. You can turn a volume button into a dedicated camera button to enable camera and capture pictures on device without a dedicated camera button. Or you can set a different function which starts with a long-press key.


Enable side-by-side multitasking:

By default Android does not have the ability to run apps side-by-side, but some custom ROM offer this feature. Rather than searching for such ROMs, you can use Xposed xMultiWindow module to run apps side-by-side in Android.


Advanced Power Menu:

Many custom ROMs offer different options in the power menu when you long press the power key. Now you don’t need a custom ROM to do the same. You can use Xposed Advanced Power module to add different options like torch, screenshot and reboot in the power menu.


Get rid of unsafe volume warning:

Remember the warning Android displays “Raise volume above safe level?”, when you raise system volume while using earphones. It is annoying and keeps popping up after specific intervals. However, you can get rid of this warning by using a single Xposed module. Xposed NoSafeVolumeWarning module let’s you disable the warning permanently.


These are just few of the customization modules in Xposed Framework. There are a hell lot of modules available, all you need to do is keep exploring and experimenting with them. But do make sure that you always keep a backup of your system, so that if anything goes wrong or you get your phone soft-bricked by any chance, you will be able to restore to its previous state. I hope you’ll have a great experience with this amazing app.

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